Spin to Win Disclaimer

Spin to Win Disclaimer

Please be advised that in most governed areas including all 50 states, sweepstakes are not legally allowed to be set winners.  They must be randomized, although winning odds are allowed so long as they are described in detail on the game. Justuno has taken a different approach to helping navigate those legal waters while keeping it simple and more conversion friendly for your website visitors.   Our sweepstake related games have set winners, but we recommend always setting the winning prize as the best possible prize shown.  Because the website visitor always wins the best prize, you shouldn’t have to worry about the legalities of not having it randomized and at the same time you are ensuring the visitor has the best experience and thus has the most likely reason to purchase from you in that visitor session. In contrast to a version that would be randomized, where the website visitor may hold off purchasing from you because they saw there is a better prize offered in the game and they want to try again later.



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