The Ronan - Cognac Shoes for Men

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✭ The“Chelsea shoe boot”– Chelsea, because of its twin elastic panels; Shoe boot, because it’s lower than a boot, but taller than a shoe. Worn under longer pants it looks like a boot but has the relative comfort and ease of entry of a loafer. The Ronan (and its companion Gunnar) lean to the dress up side of the line. The Ronan is made in a tumbled black and a beautiful cognac leather with a slight “pull-up” effect that adds a rich depth to the leather. These leathers have an oily finish to give just the slightest sheen…Not shiny, but not dull. The Ronan is built on the Valor last. This last is more streamlined – built for speed. The fitting is slightly snugger than our other lasts – as you expect a dressier shoe to fit. Full glove leather lining. The outsole is a compressed form of TPR commonly referred to as “German Resin”. It is known as a great alternative to leather outsole in terms of flexibility and durability. ✭️

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